Why Not Games

I'm now working on a city builder/tower defense game that represents a changing personality. You can read about that here. Also, these are the two games that I tried making between 2011 and 2012.

Paths May Vary

Paths May Vary is what would happen if you kidnapped Flight Control when it was but a young prototype and forced it to grow up in a Tower Defense neighborhood and read nothing but hard science fiction.

Right now, you can either ask yourself whether that really was a good idea, or just play it now.

Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitch picks up the Paths May Vary gameplay and brings it from serving food to conversation. A vignette of a game, it tasks you with convincing a video game publisher that he should fund the creation of a brilliant game idea you have; something about using a Tower Defense-Line Drawing mashup to represent conversation. Try out a very early version here

Written by Nikhil Murthy.