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Syphilisation Update - 2021-09-07

You can buy a very early version of Syphilisation on Steam or Itch. You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here. You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Work Done

I completed two major features; an update to the game's pacing and the merging of the preserves, districts and camps. I really hope that these features will result in a much more streamlined game and one that's easier to understand. However, I feel that they are not quite ready for release yet. I am not comfortable with the amount of testing they've had.

I really don't want to release anything insufficiently tested right now as I am going to be on holiday from the 8th to the 13th. During this time, I will not check any of my workspaces and so will be unavailable. If you need me for something, please reach out on the game forums, my personal e-mail or Twitter and I'll respond once I'm back.

- @murthynikhil

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