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Syphilisation Update - 2019-12-22

You can read about what Syphilisation is here and the manifesto for the game here. You can subscribe to the mailing list here.

Work Done

The game is now completely stable with what is there, so I have the space to build it out a bit. I designed out the next set of things for the regions of the game. I want to fix some things about how the regions work, especially in the early game. I want to avoid the manifeset destiny aspect of the whole phase. I'm spending a lot more time on the early game than I would like, but it is far and away the part of the game that people play the most. I'll write out the full thing later as I think it's worth detailing a little bit.

Interesting Fact

I learned a lot of interesting things this week, but I don't want to distract from the real thing that I want to talk about this week, the protests in India against the NRC. I don't feel like I'm the best person to summarize the events, but there's no shortage of those online. I spent a couple of times there and I want to show you the photos now.

More than that though, I wanted to show you this photo from Mumbai. The crowds are at the August Kranti Maidan, where Gandhi issued his Quit India speech in 1942, which I really appreciate.

- @murthynikhil

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