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An Early Note On The Aesthetics of Syphilisation

It's still very early in the development of Syphilisation (announcement post here), so this is very subject to change, but I thought that I would put down some early thoughts on what my goals for this game are. The high level concept of creating a parody of Civilization to comment on some of the statements implicit in its design is a good starting point, but I need to drill a little deeper into that to get something to work with.

My current aesthetics are:

  • A discussion of Churchill.
  • The ability to play for reasons other than being better than the other players.
  • Space to choose your position on each of the above points. This needs to allow for complex and non-binary positions.
  • Reasons to modify your plans and previously held stances.

A game that does well at conveying these aesthetics is probably going to be a good realization of what I have in my head right now. What do you think?

- @murthynikhil

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