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Road Not Taken Notes

These are the rough notes I took down while playing Road Not Taken. There are some potential spoilers.

  • I really like the city and forming relationships
  • The first time that a willowisp took a kid, I though the kid was gone forever and I felt terrible. Seeing that they were just moved was a huge relief.
  • Random currencies as a reward is interesting
  • The cat is also nice.
  • The games lets you make catastrophic mistakes very easily.
    • I was trapped in a room because I accidentally made a stone seed out of one of the two oaks I needed.
    • A daemon bunny ate the deer I needed and kept me from getting a stone.
  • The gift giving until marriage is not a cool system. I don't like founding relationships on giving people things so that they like you more.
    • My spouse never being able to have kids is interesting though. It makes the relationship more real and both members feel more like people. It's much less of a quest now. I liked her, so I married her anyway, even if the game told me to have kids.
    • She left me? Really? I did not see that coming. Interesting, but there doesn't seem to be anything I could have done about it.
  • I liked myself better with the hood on.
  • This is a puzzle game with no easy restarts. That is not fun.

- @murthynikhil

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